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Published : October 24, 2008 | Author : रेनुका राई
Category : English / अंग्रेजी | Views : 1220 | Rating :

रेनुका राई

On the hospital bed, a body has been covered with a white sheet, a medical responsible doctor approaches the shaky tearful person and breaks the news with the heavy heart, “Your wife, Anu’s atma has rest in peace, she is no longer with us. I am sorry.” After hearing the news, the man starts shaking vigorously and hammers his head hard on the wall. A lump forms in his throat and tears well in his eyes. He looses his composure and collapses on the floor.


Why are we proclaimed “Dead” after our hearts stop beating? Is this because we no longer inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide? A medical doctor may interpret death as a cessation of physical metabolic process permanently.

Different religions have differing opinions on death. For example Hindu religion believes that even after a man dies his soul  becomes immortal. When a man dies, his body is either buried or cremated according to the different customary sacrament. The ancient Egyptians believed that mummifying a person’s body after death was essential to ensure a safe passage to the afterlife. Tibetan Buddhism believes in Reincarnation too . It is the belief that when one dies, one’s body decomposes, but something of oneself is reborn in another body. It is the belief that one has lived before and will live again in another body after death.

Death is an inevitable course of action. As a matter of fact, we all know that someday our heart will stop functioning  and we will be certified dead. But why do some people die so young without being able to fulfill their dreams or before they could reach their adolescent? Death is itself a huge trauma and especially when people die young without any diagnosis or proper treatment, perhaps the most shocking mental pain one can undergo. Time to time, we all have felt hugely disturbed when someone breaks the news about somebody’s death.


What if there was no death? If there was no death at all our life would be of those mythical days when Lalu, the man, who constructed a wooden house and locked Kaal until the very last moment when the world became over-crowded, famine occurred and it became a huge suffocating place to live in. Eventually, the people realized that death does play an advantageous role. Our life is also like recycling paper. When we die someone will born and there will always be a continuous process of death and birth. After death of  dear ones, grieving is the part of life. As we grieve, time goes by; sweet memories of loved ones will linger and eventually fade away slowly like faded blouse. Eventhough principles of death are well understood by us, our wisdom flies away when death strikes near our hearts. Still, I have a vivid memory when my loved ones died, it was one of the most heart-rending and painful experience. Talking about death takes my breath away, my heart pounds heavily and my fingers tremble as I hit the keyboard buttons. Lying there convulsed in pain while trying to regain our composure is the hardest thing that time will teach us to cope with.


Let us remind ourselves that life has to go on despite of turbulances and coping with death is having the power to face with truth of life. Moreover, we all know that we will certainly die like our family, friends and relatives. Then our future generation will be the one who will undergo emotional pains and tolerate woes for the tragedy. Death is just anywhere and at anytime no one knows when death will strike whom.


What if one fine morning, you wake up and suddenly out of blue you find out that you only have limited time to live? Your doctor tells you that you are suffering from the incurable disease? What will you do? Thus, let’s live purposefully and move ahead in the every second of our lives to reach the destination that we have set up, so that, even if we happen to die on the mid journey, we can  still face the god proudly and question him. "WHY?"


- SaraBeattie Graduate

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